Broken Capillaries on Nose: Causes and Possible Treatments

Capillaries are a type of blood vessel. Since it’s known that capillaries below the skin’s epidermis are quite sensitive, it’s highly possible for them to get damaged. Broken capillaries on nose are those visible zigzag red lines, which can be caused by a variety of factors:


Being an alcoholic is a popular reason for broken blood vessels. Too much alcohol in the body can affect a person’s blood pressure. This, in turn, can cause your facial veins to open. Because of the repeated intake of alcohol and continuous dilation of the veins, it’s highly possible for them to stay that way. Broken veins can also be indicative of more serious illnesses in the liver, considering the negative health effects brought about by excessive alcohol consumption.

Because epidermal capillaries are fairly delicate, it’s easy for anyone staying too long under the sun to develop broken capillaries on nose. Exposure to hot weather outside, alternating it to staying indoors with relatively cold temperature, can cause capillary expansion. The constant expansion and constriction of capillaries can further lead to damage.

Apart from excessive sun exposure, broken veins can also be brought about by simply scrubbing your face. Exerting too much force on your skin, as well as using water that’s too hot when washing your face, can also be a cause of broken capillaries.

Bad habits are also known to cause damaged blood vessels. Smoking, for one, can lead to broken capillaries because it tends to weaken blood vessels, making them more susceptible to damage. People with telangiectasia rosacea are also prone to developing broken capillaries on nose.

Fortunately, there are several types of treatments available to address this health condition. There are those people who claim to have their thread or spider veins treated with mere spider vein creams. However, visiting a dermatologist and undergoing medical procedures is the best course of action to treat this condition.

broken capillaries

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment is among the highly recommended procedures to remove spider veins. Vascular laser procedures are also growing in popularity because of their effectiveness in treating thread veins without causing further damage to the skin. Laser treatments use specialized light with only a single wavelength. Because of this, they are only aimed at treating only the blemishes accurately and more effectively. While IPL treatments use several wavelengths, on the other hand, the process tends to target various red blemishes and even brown spots on the skin. While there are skin conditions that are highly suitable to be treated by either IPL or laser, combination of these 2 treatments (laser and IPL) has been known to produce the best results in treating broken capillaries on nose.

Even though the treatment is relatively quick and painless, it’s common for your skin to feel hot and stinging after the procedure. To help with the uncomfortable sensation, a cool compress is usually provided by the clinic; this also minimizes the possibility of any swelling, particularly in areas close to the eye. After treatment, it’s highly recommended to avoid too much physical activities, as well as reverting back to your bad habits (drinking alcohol and smoking). Treating broken capillaries on nose is proven to be highly successful if you maintain good healthy habits and follow your dermatologist’s specific skin care regimen tips.

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